S I L K   L A B  - 2018

Most people think of silk as a fibre, one celebrated for its tremendous strength and elasticity; but designers Andreas Kojcevski Hansson and Siri Skillgate (together KOSK) have taken a fresh perspective on the material. Drawing on the research and expertise of spider-silk expert Dr Cedric Dicko, who has ‘reverse engineered’ the fibre into its raw form of liquid silk protein – the same substance generated inside spiders and other silk-spinning insects – Silk Lab is the outcome of a playful series of cross-disciplinary experiments exploring different ways of (re-)solidifying silk.

For What Matter_s, the team presents a series of 9 samples of silk in new and intriguing forms, alongside the tools they used to create them.

The project has been carried out with support from the Swedish Visual Arts Fund's international programme, Iaspis. Special thanks to project sponsors Climator AB (Climsel PCM) and Tubbins Mekaniska AB

What Matter_s is a joint project from Southern Sweden Creatives, Form/Design Center, SPOK, and Art & Science Initiative.

Shown at Dutch Design Week - Veem | Floor 2
Torenallee 805617 BE Eindhoven
20 Oct — 28 Oct 2018